Remade hilarious, trembling! Model of the movie “Lukthung Sikha Nepher”

After having deposited the love movie “Sweet Dreams, Shy Kiss” in 2008, a very large and knowledgeable director of “Pinpak Hair Kaew” has come back to direct a love movie again with “Lukthung Sikh Nabi”, a love story movie For every heart there is love Various love stories, tastes, and warm impressions, tender smiles to play songs along with Lukthung Ching Hui songs, including humiliated lyrics, for example, say love,

leave your heart, we wait for him to forget, love for the owner, make a reservation in the heart, get married. Many more Which has been compiled for the era and filled with the atmosphere of love by “Surakan Ongara” (Sukarn Sen Suang and the Pang) is a singer-songwriter with extensive experience in music.

Conveyed the love of the performers with many colors and appreciation of the best country songs because of the group of famous stars and performers such as Krisada Sukaksaphon Clapp (Noi Wong Pru), Ben Chalamat,

Bank Cheerlean Charoen (Joy The Voice1), Ploy Sornnarin, Kanung Pimthanapicha-khamn (Nim AF5), Guy-Chaithat Wattanapanich, Rungrat Mengpanich (Mook The Voice 4), Phoksap Metani, Pheng Phitsamai Ngamsakda, Golf – Benjapol Cheyamrung, Nun – Siraphan Watthanachinda,

Na Joy – Patcharee Thapthong, many others. To come back to the characters, including joining the country singing in the movie screen … this Valentine
11th February in theaters